Next Generation Dairying Workshop 2022

Next Generation Dairying Workshop 2022

Funded by the Hannah Dairy Research Foundation and supported by the Journal of Dairy Research, Next Generation Dairying Workshops and now Conferences stimulate dairy-related research in Scotland and connect researchers globally to improve food security.

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that our 2020 Workshop was cancelled and the 2021 Workshop was held as a blended event with most delegates participating virtually. In 2018 and 2019 the Workshops were held at the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh, and this year we are delighted to be returning to the Moredun for this, the Fourth of the Next Generation Dairying series of meetings.

What will the Next Generation dairy cow look like?

How will we manage her, especially in relation to her feed and feeding?

Where will we obtain feed protein, and how will we ensure she uses it effectively?

Eminent international scientists and younger researchers from Scotland and beyond will address these issues in afternoon and morning sessions, lunch-to-lunch, with short presentations and posters complementing the plenary talks.​Visit the dedicated webpages for more information and to Express Interest