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The Hannah Dairy Research Foundation (HDRF) supports all aspects of dairy research including the biology, wellbeing of dairy animals, dairy technology and food production. The Foundation’s aim is to stimulate original scientific research, encourage and inspire young scientists in the field, invigorate industry and enable dairy farmers through advances in knowledge, technology and good practice.

The Hannah is Established

The movement of people away from the land and the depression of rural industry led, in 1909, to the passing of an Act of Parliament to promote the scientific development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries under the guidance of a Development Commission one of whose major successes was the formation of a sound system of investigation in agricultural science based on state-aided but independent research institutes, each being given responsibility for research in a particular subject area. The choice of the South West of Scotland for one such institute concentrating on Dairying was based on the size of the local dairy industry and the keenness of local farmers to have specific problems addressed. The Hannah Dairy Institute was thus established.

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Next Generation Dairying Workshop - November 22nd/23rd 2021

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Journal of Dairy Research

The Journal of Dairy Research was established in 1928 by the then National Institute for Research in Dairying and Hannah Dairy Research Institute. The Journal continues to publish high-quality, novel scientific research covering the spectrum from the physiology and biochemistry of milk secretion to the utilisation of milk in dairy products.

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