Student Support

In 2022, the Board of Trustees of the Hannah Dairy Research Foundation (HDRF) decided to allocate £10,000 per annum to the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, SRUC, and the Moredun Research Institute to support small-scale student research projects in dairy science. It was envisaged that this would be allocated to undergraduate vacation projects, honours, and small masters projects. This money was to be allocated by an internal process of the receiving organization. The maximum award to each project under normal circumstances will not exceed £2,500. The HDRF expects an annual report on the projects, and the students may be asked to present at the annual HDRF Dairy Conference (usually in November). Awards can cover stipends and/or operating costs but not the purchase of equipment. Students should apply to their university/research institute for further information.


The Hannah Dairy Research Foundation supports all aspects of dairy research including the biology, wellbeing of dairy animals, dairy technology and food production.

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