Next Generation Dairying for Scotland Workshop

Connecting Minds and Stimulating Research for Next Generation Solutions

Edinburgh, 19th and 20th November 2018

This was the first of a series of workshops and conferences sponsored by the Hannah Dairy Research Foundation and produced in conjunction with the Journal of Dairy Research. The Hannah (Dairy) Research Institute conducted world-leading research in the field of dairy sciences.  Ninety years after the institute began the Hannah Dairy Research Foundation is continuing to building on that heritage by funding the next generation of dairy research.  This workshop has helped to shape that agenda. The Workshop successfully brought together international experts and younger talents from all sectors of the dairy foods chain to discuss the challenges that are faced and possible research solutions.  The aim was to focus on ensuring the future success for the dairy production and dairy foods industries, whilst fulfilling all the needs of consumers and the environment.Ninety-nine delegates from the dairy research sector and across the spectrum of dairy industries attended the Workshop, which was by invitation only, at the Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh. The plenary talks are now available online to delegates and will be made generally available soon, further details can be found on the Journal of Dairy Research website (link to JDR website)