Next Generation Dairying for Local and Global Consumers

First Announcement and Call for Expressions of Interest

Venue: EdinburghDate: Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th November 2019

Last year the Hannah Dairy Research Foundation organized a very successful Next Generation Dairying Workshop and we are delighted to tell you that a second one will be held this year. The main theme for 2019 is Local and Global Consumers and once again it is our intention to bring together researchers, farmers, other dairy industry and consumers to discuss how a vibrant dairy industry can best meet the nutritional  needs of consumers at home and around the world. This topic is especially timely given the need to produce food in an environmentally responsible way. Attendance at this prestigious Workshop will be by invitation only and if you would like to express interest in attending, please visit the Conferences and Workshops section of the Journal of Dairy Research website.

Journal of Dairy Research